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Everything you need to know (and remember!) to give your handmade wire jewelry a high-quality finish. Every time.

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    Gather Tools & Supplies

    Finishing your jewelry at home isn't difficult, but it does require a few tools and supplies that you'll need to keep on hand. You'll find a complete list of everything you need in this free resource. And if you can't find something locally, I've even linked to a helpful shopping guide!

    Confidently Patina & Polish

    The most common complaint I hear about this process is that jewelry loses its pretty bright metal highlights between the patina and polishing steps. That can happen if you miss any step in the process. So, I've set up you for success with a step-by-step patina process workflow.

    Wear Your Jewelry with Pride

    A rich patina and high shine are the perfect finishing touches for your handmade wire jewelry. I never love my jewelry more than in that moment when it's fresh out of the tumbler. You work hard to make your jewelry. So, give it the high quality finish it deserves!